April 7th 2016

SHES PTA Meeting Minutes: 9.15am Thursday April 7th 2016

Present at Meeting: Paul Denkewitz (President), Catherine Smith (Vice-President), Helen Roussel (Secretary),

Matt Malone (Principal), Lara Sweeney, Maria Eftimiades, Rachael Lucyk, Julie O’Brien and Jocelyn Worrall.

Yearbook: Deadline to get all the pages finished is April 15th. The yearbook will be 68 pages this year.
Cover Design: Have not yet decided on a design; Catherine suggested that the 5th Grade designs with help from the art teachers who will let us know if this is feasible.
Pages & Photos Needed: Pre-K Parent to do a collage page and more 5th grade photos needed.

Math Fair – Jocelyn Worrall: Friday 6th May (6-8pm)

Need More Volunteers to participate as this year as there will be less tables than there were last year.
Volunteers can help out at existing tables or bring an idea for number fun that can involve nature, shapes, games, sequencing, colouring...everything actually can be linked to math; topics are only limited by imagination! This year there will be music and a range of math subjects...this is a chance for families to get involved and volunteer--no age limit!

Earth Day – Lara Sweeney: Tuesday April 19th

Rock painting, gardening, cheese-pumpkin (this is a local vegetable that is being re-introduced) planting and re- discovering the gardens after the long winter! There will be information about composting, recycling, free home- energy audits, and earth-friendly ways to get rid of ants!
This is an opportunity for families to become acquainted with the organic school gardens, the greenhouse and volunteer to help the school maintain it- without volunteers this is not possible.

Mr. Malone: Further to this, the school will be celebrating Earth Day all week! There will be various workshops including on recycling, nature on long island etc. There will be a “Trash Free Lunch” on Earth Day with the hope students will gain or refresh their awareness and knowledge on the subject of waste and recycling and they will continue this through the year.

Thank You Everyone.

Next SHES PTA Meeting: Thursday May 5th (after Morning Program- 9.15am)