PTA - Elementary


We are extremely excited to be serving as board members for SHES PTA. We take immense pride in our school and hope to enhance our children’s educational and social experience by providing additional events and activities. We hope you will join us and reap the rewards of being involved in your children’s school; benefits include strengthening connections between home and school, and creating positive relationships.

There are many opportunities to get involved in the various committees and/or volunteer for activities, events and fundraisers that are held throughout the school year. Our fund raising efforts are applied to additional programs, supplies and resources for the benefit of all our children. 

Please read our events calendar, volunteer and become a member so we may continue the wonderful programs and events that enrich our children’s educational experience. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the PTA board members with questions, concerns or ideas.

PTA Officers
Rebecca Burnside....President
Paul Denkewitz....Vice President
Kristina Cardenas....Treasurer 
Michelle Lenzi....Co Treasurer 
Maria Eftimiades....Secretary